Inarticulate Discussion Issue 1

on Tuesday, 14 November 1995.

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Inarticulate (The Josh Clayton-Felt Internet Mailing List)
Issue: 1
Date: 14.November.1995
Subscribers To Date: 007
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Topics in this issue:
*Afterglow from the Josh gig.
From: Dene Wilby
Subject: Welcome


Welcome to the very first issue of 'Inarticulate'.

For those of you who don't know me, here's a little introduction.

My name's Dene Wilby, I live in Wakefield which is in the North of England in the UK. I first saw School Of Fish back in 1992 on the Crowded House tour and was blown away by their performance and truly believed, there and then, that this was a band that was gonna set the music industry on fire. Amazingly (as you all are now aware) this was never going to happen and a short while ago, Michael Ward & Josh Clayton-Felt decided to 'call it a day' and go their own separate ways. I then decided that I would do all that I could to promote the future careers of these two _very_ talented musicians. In December last year I published the Michael Ward WWW page along with a page for his new band 'Tiny Buddy' (sorry, at the moment it's out of action but it will be back soon!!!) and then came the JCF Homepage as soon as i'd received solid information about Josh's solo career. Up to date, i've had close contact with Mike & Josh via 'Fish Of Death Records' (the label created by Matt Wallace to launch Tiny Buddy last year) and recently have been in touch with A&M records. This, I hope, will enable me to keep you all up-to-date with the latest news on the careers of both Josh & Mike via this mailing list.

So, if you have anything you want to share with your fellow 'Inarticulans'!! Yeah, I know it's not a word!! send it along to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Anything will do, i.e. introductions, news, views on Josh, Mike, SOF etc etc just tap it out and send it on down the line and i'll include it in the very next issue.

OK, we'll kick the thing off with a post from Marmi Maramot (who, I guess, most of you know!!) :-)

Take care,


From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Marmi Maramot)
Subject: Afterglow from the Josh gig.

yup, i got to go see josh at the dragonfly, and i must say it was _the_ best gig i've ever ever been to!!! it was thoroughly amazing!!! first of all, the venue is really, really nice. and the sound is really good; everything's really clear; not like most venues, where it's too loud and the bass is too fuzzy and the vocals are drowned out and unintelligible. and it was really cheap, only $4 for valet parking and $5 to get in! it was so cheap, i could afford to bribe my friend to come with me and my sister and do the driving. anyways, oh, maybe i should tell you about the music. :) josh was REALLY good!!! still sings so beautifully. his songs are brilliant. a lot of them were funky, and some, like "paint the tree green," sounded so lovely. he was soooo excellent. i easily turned my friend into a josh convert too! he went down really well. the audience was really well-mannered, and i had an unobstructed view of my hero the whole time. the crowd was kind of an older crowd, older meaning everyone seemed to be in their mid-20s, and not the usual teenagery indie kid crowd at the usual gigs i go to. so, afterwards, me and my sister and my friend wanted to check out this disco-looking part of the venue, so we walked over to there, and then my sister says "there's josh!!!" and i'm like, "fuck, where?!?" and so she points him out in this corridor thing, so i went for it. i asked him for an autograph, and he was really nice, and asked my name, and so he wrote hi to me on the set list that my sister had easily procured after the show, and autographed it. and i thanked him. i told him that you said hi, and he says to tell you hello for him. gosh, you should've seen me afterwards; i was literally jumping up and down and relating the whole incident to my sister, and stuck the set list onto the front of the sof t-shirt i was wearing, and hung out at my friend's place afterwards, wearing the set list, and then my friend was really generous and gave me a frame to put it in and everything. aren't you happy for me?!?

still reeling with the feeling,

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