Inarticulate Discussion Issue 20

on Wednesday, 06 March 1996.

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Inarticulate (The Josh Clayton-Felt Internet Mailing List)
Issue: 20
Date: 06.March.1996
Subscribers To Date: 036
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Topics in this issue:
*Fish Bands
*Update 'n' stuff
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Chris Johnson)
Subject: Fish Bands

Re: fish bands
I seem to have a little to much time on my hands today. So I went
looking for fish bands, and this is what I found...

school of fish
An emotional fish
fish heads
flying fish sailors
shock fish
big fish ensemble
necular fish
I dreamt I dreamt of gefilte fish (!?)
jelly fish
hootie and the blow me (err.. I mean blowfish)


From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Dene Wilby)
Subject: Update 'n' stuff

Hi all,

Well, it's been about 3 weeks since the last issue of 'Inarticulate' so here goes with #20.

Jessa sent me an e-mail asking the names of Josh's band so I called A&M and Lianne gave me the following line-up....

Walt Vincent - Bass
Pete Maloney - Drums
D.C. Collard - Keyboards

I know you all met a guy called 'Bobby' on bass so I don't know whether he's been replaced/left so you'll just have to ask/see when you next catch them live.

I also just added the final 4 dates to the current tour which you will find on the WWW page. Once again, if any of you need the dates of these sent by e-mail, please feel free to drop me a line.

OK, there's not much to report at the moment except to say that 'Inarticulate Nature Boy' is looking like it will definitely be released a week Tuesday (19th March).

After speaking with Lianne, we decided that maybe it would be a good idea to find out the location of the members on this list. So, if any of you get chance to send me a quick note letting me know which City/State you are from that would be just topper :-)

I also thought you might want to know about a 7" vinyl single which is on sale via Fish Of Death Records - You can order the record through their WWW pages at this adderess. Below is the blurb for the band 'Twig' and I would heartily recommend it, it's a great record....

>There is a theory circulating around Twig fans of this world that Twig is a
>genre that will happily span through many a musical landscapes and still leave you feeling
>like you want more. But you have to follow these instructions; slip the vinyl out, lay it over
>your turntable, and play twice a day, because there probably isn't
>enough Twig in your world. This happy little combo has its roots in London where guitarist &
>singer Louise Goffin led a seminal English version of Twig.
>Twig, now located in the United States, is a soaring and lusty trio without a care for the
>effects of commodification. The participants on Twig's self-produced debut
>single include; Louise Goffin, guitar & vocals, Brad Williard, bass, Josh Clayton-Felt (School
>of Fish), drums, and Jeff Trott (Wire Train, Sheryl Crow), additional

>Fun is what audiences can expect from Twig, together with an opportunity to hear some fine
>new songs. Persephone swaps her pomegranite for an electric guitar.
>With a sense of innocence, enhanced by an unaffected quality, Twig is immensely
>appealing. As they do everywhere and always, the lights come down, but the
>songs tilt like a camera close-up to the sky and you feel open and at ease at everything you
>see and hear.

>This female-fronted American band was born in England, nevertheless bears no
>resemblance to the Pretenders. At times psychedelia-tinged rockers, at others
>ethereally moody, and at still others pleasantly pop, Twig is led by the pure, almost naive
>sounding, but emotive vocals and songwriting of Louise Goffin. The
>double A-sided single"Starfish Girl" b/w "Barely Dressed." Twig has been holding court at
>L.A.'s blues cum rock cum alternative scenester hangout, the Mint, on
>numerous Sundays, where Goffin has maintained an innocent, approachable demeanor that
>immediately invites you into her world, musical or otherwise. And her
>songs, honest and personal evocations of life, love, and siblings, are as alluring as she is.

OK, that's about all I think, so take care one & all and hopefully we'll have some great new JCF reviews to publish in the next two weeks,


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