Inarticulate Discussion Issue 9

on Wednesday, 20 December 1995.

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Inarticulate (The Josh Clayton-Felt Internet Mailing List)
Issue: 9
Date: 20.December.1995
Subscribers To Date: 013
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Topics in this issue:
*Re: INARTICULATE ISSUE 6 (11.December.1995)
*Re: INARTICULATE ISSUE 6 (11.December.1995)
*The Geese Are Getting Fat
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Marmi Maramot)
Subject: Re: INARTICULATE ISSUE 6 (11.December.1995)

my favorite albums in 1995 were

I Should Coco--Supergrass
The Great Escape--Blur
(What's the Story) Morning Glory--Oasis
Help--Various artists
Jagged Little Pill--Alanis Morissette
Change Giver--Shed Seven

i still want to get the beatles, tiny buddy, menswear, and the rentals.
so, maybe one of those will round out my top 10. my favorite singles were

Free as a Bird--The Beatles (so there, dene!)
Girl From Mars--Ash
Angel Interceptor--Ash
Country House--Blur
You Oughta Know--Alanis Morissette

my favorite gigs were

Josh Clayton-Felt at the Dragonfly
Shed Seven at the Dragonfly
Jamiroquai at the American Legion Hall

i hope everyone that had finals like me survived ok. feliz navidad, and hope to see some more lists from y'all.


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From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Chris Stein)
Subject: Re: INARTICULATE ISSUE 6 (11.December.1995)

Hello Dene!
Every band should be so lucky to have a supporter as thorough as you...I quite enjoy your postings.

Here's my little contribution to the "Inarticulate" stew:
TOP 10 o'1995--even if some of 'em were released earlier,THIS is the year I dug 'em the most!

#1(with a bullet)--St.Etienne. This british group is the absolute Peak in Dream-Pop."So Tough" album--flawless,"Tiger Bay" album contains the awesome throb of "Like A Motorway".Bittersweet,in a gorgeous way.

#2--SUPERNOVA. If you ever get a chance to see these Space-men from Costa Mesa,CA.,GO!! CrazyFastLoud Pop FUN.Here in Too-Cool Seattle,even the hippest were actually seen to be Grinning and Leaping small feat! Their album,"Ages 3 and up",rocks ala vintage Dickies.

#3--Jimmy Durante,"As Time Goes By'...a best-of that's corny and wonderful.

#4--"Sound of Jamaica":Fantastic 4-disc set that makes you stoned without even Smokin'.Highlight:Prince Buster's "Hard Man Fe Dead".Ja.Mon!

#5--School of Fish "Three Strange Days"single.What IS the eerie,non-diminishing Power of this devilish tune?Yikes!

#6--Velvet Crush "Teenage Symphonies To God"...that rarity,an Entire album that is good.Mitch Easter produced,it's a treat!

#7--Undertones "Best of"--eeven the Grinch will dance to these fantastic catchy chunks of chocolate.I'm thinking of starting a Pirate radio station to broadcast them!

#8--Presidents of the USA...well,after all,it is now a law in Seattle that you must own at least ONE copy of this crazy band's disc.Live,it's like a killer party where Everyone has fun!

#9--The movie "Babe"...about a talking pig.Made by George Miller,Mr."MadMax" threw us a complete curveball--This movie is SO GOOD!!!Touching and heart- felt,plus stunning visually---How'd they get the animals to talk?

#10--Friends,no matter where they may be.

And a very Rockin'1996 to you!

Michael Stein,Seattle,WA.

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Dene Wilby)
Subject: The Geese Are Getting Fat

Well guys, it's nearly here!!

5 days to Christmas and I don't know about you but i'm really looking forward to this break. 2 full days of realxing, sounds like heaven.

Anyway, have any of you had a chance to check out the A&M pages yet?? I guess it's a little difficult for them to keep the pages up-to-date but I think the presentation is quite nice even though the book thing takes _ages_ to download. Also, have you seen my pages lately?? I did a little bit of 'Xmas Decorating' on it and I think it now looks pretty festive, and so does Joshua ;-)

Thanks to everyone who's contributed to the list over the past few weeks, I really appreciate you all being on here. Let's hope that we're gonna have an influx of new members when the new CD is released in February.

So, all that remains to be said is....."HAPPY CHRISTMAS" to everyone of you and I hope you all have a really fantastic holiday.

Here's to '96, take care,


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