Messages February 2003

Date: Wed Feb 19 23:33
Candy J. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Hey, I just wanted to thank the people that run this website and have dedicated themselves to making sure that Josh's spirit lives on. Although I didn't get to meet Josh and I haven't met any of you, it's clear to me that Josh surrounded himself with wonderful people. Thanks again! CJ

Date: Wed Feb 19 23:27
mp (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    dearest josh: home in nyc here listening to 'building atlantis'. things have never been better and when that happens you wish to share it with those close to the heart. you remain there man. hope you feel my vibe. i bet you do. miss you very much. rock on j.

Date: Mon Feb 10 08:23
James (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    How thankful I am that for once, I finally acted upon one of those lost notes scribbled precariously over the steering wheel while negotiating traffic on the way to work. I found it again only recently - but I'd written it reminding myself to BUY the album of this breathtaking artist who I'd never heard of, who was being featured briefly on KCRW radio that morning. I remember thinking at the time that it wasmusic that touched my soul in a pretty rare way, and how sad it was that something like this had been released posthumously. Now that I have all of Spirit Touches Ground, it just gets better and better with every listen. By his work and by the postings on this website, Josh must have been an amazing guy. This album is a legacy of which his family and friends must be so proud - and I am honoured to own it. The crazy world in which we live so badly needs more people like him! Far and wide may Josh's message continue to spread and grow.

Date: Fri Feb 7 07:43
Sarah Pliska (stuff@
    Heya Josh - I miss you. Thank you for all you are and all that you continue to give!

Date: Sat Feb 1 19:04
dianne (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    i met Josh sometime in 1995, i believe, during his tour. Until then, i had only heard the SOF album, which i listened to frequently. i knew a member of his band and had flown down from St. Loo to meet with them in New Orleans. My first vivid impression of Josh was him flying up the sidewalk towards us on his rollerblades, wearing a big shirt and a big grin. i thought he was going to crash into something. We were introduced and i immediately felt welcomed into the group. That night, i was completely immersed in the live music; a new instant fan. I hitched a ride along with them on the van back up to St. Loo, stopping for a gig in Memphis. Josh had this game where, at any time, he'd pull a kazoo out of his pocket and start "kazoo-ing" and the last person to find their kazoo and join in, was the big loser. It still makes me laugh. i am so grateful that i got the chance to spend that time with such great people. i am most appreciative of the fact that i got to know Josh a bit more. i remember thinking how much we had in common, and that i could talk with him for hours. Through the years, i have found Josh's music to be uplifting. i have never needed the essence of his music more than i do now. i have just gone through a painful divorce, and i have been trying surround myself with positive influences. i found this website hoping to find some tour info on Josh, instead crushing news. i am ashamed that i was oblivious to his passing. My first thought was, "This world is too dark and evil for such a beautiful bright light" and then it hits me, "This world must be beautiful and bright to foster such people". Last year, a baby blue jay was brought to me. The nest has been attacked by crows. i raised the jay in my home, and it grew to be a big beautiful bird. This bird was so sweet, it would land on my shoulder and give me kisses. i know for a fact, that bird was the only thing that kept me alive during the divorce. My mother told me one time that Sparky,(the bird's name), was an angel with blue feathers who was in my life for a reason. For what it's worth, i wanted to share this info. Thank you so much for this website and for keeping Josh's fans in touch. Thanks again, Josh. Love, dianne.