Messages February 2004

Date: Fri Feb 27 12:56
Thea (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    I remember the first time I met you... I begged you to play Euphoria.. You were not thrilled about it.. but you played it for me anyway. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Miss you so much.

Date: Wed Feb 25 13:05
Matthew (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    ==This is a note I wrote my wife, after sadly learning about Josh just today. He was a friend I never met, but knew well through his music...==Got in the truck this morning, and put in one of my favorite CDs that I used to listen to all the time in the early 90’s. It was from a band called School of Fish, and you may well remember one of their hit singles 3 Strange Days. It was one of those songs that instantly connected with me way back when, on many levels, and had that killer guitar lick that I’ve tried in vain to imitate but never could get. It just so happens that the lead guitarist, Michael Ward, moved on following the band's breakup to join up with another band you now know very well— The Wallflowers. But the real spirit behind this song, all the other songs, this album, and this band was a guy named Josh Clayton-Felt. You have never heard of him, and of course, I never met him but he was someone I “seemed” to know as I had researched him, knew his background, and had “followed” his struggling career since my days of being a great fan of his first endeavor, and a wannabe musician myself. I recall “discovering” his first solo album at a record store in California in 1996 when we traveled there for our weekend job-hunting. I remember wanting to buy it, and share with you all about my knowledge and interest in him and his original band. I never did get it, and we never did discuss it as we had other “issues” that came up then (my insensitivity being one… ;^)… but anyway. Since then, I have often thought about him as I thought about my own life & career (at one point wanting to pursue/explore my own musical interests and talent)-- I wondered what kind of life he was leading after having a successful band that broke up and was now chasing success on his own terms. Every once in a while, I would do an internet seach and dig up some new news or facts about what Josh was up to, what new guitar tabs I could download and figure out, what new music he might be creating. But I failed to keep up over the past 3-4 years as we began to create our own wonderful life, building our own memories with our childern, and so I never had the urge to see what memories Josh was creating in his world.Until this morning, after listening to 3 or 4 songs on the drive to work, I had some very strange urge to track down his phone number in L.A. and call him. The typical fantasy conversation I have in my head all the time-- I thought that maybe we would chat, I would tell him how I was a huge fan over the previous decade, and that I would love seeing him hook up with the people from that VH1 Remaking the Band show, getting back together with Michael Ward to reform School of Fish for a show. He always seemed like such a nice guy from the interviews and website stuff I read, so maybe he would be inspired or something…And then… I learned that Josh passed away from cancer over four years ago. It was very sudden, and very tragic. He’s gone.I don’t know why, but this hit me incredibly deeply, as if it was a long lost friend who I never got to say goodbye to. Maybe it made me look my own situation with my Dad's cancer in a different light. I really can’t explain why, but his music, his spirit, his essence just seemed to connect with me starting way back in 1992, and he’s been this “secret friend” I never really had but always seemed to know. And now he’s gone forever.So here I am now, sitting in my office, door closed, lump in my throat, tears in my eyes… and still I cannot explain why.I just wanted to share this moment with you, since you are the one I love most, and the person I want to share my life and my most intimate experiences with. This story about a person I never met has touched me in a way that I cannot truly express, but one that I wanted to share with you. Josh’s music was a part of my life for many years until I met you, and to this day it still connects with me and floods my mind with the memories, feelings, and emotions I had when I was far younger, far simpler, and full of naive dreams of achieving the success like Josh had with his music—but more so with how he moved the world around him.So, I would like for you to learn more about Josh, and share his life's experience with you. Go to his website video section, click on the DSL/cable link, and then click on the far right link to the Good Morning America video. It’s pretty inspiring, and makes you realize how one person’s spirit can touch and move so many around him. I know he touched me…