Messages January 2005

Date: Sat Jan 29 15:51
Kim (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    ...I didn't finish. I'm so sorry. I hit enter by accident. There is more of Josh that came through in the reading. Michael, the medium, asked if Josh has blue eyes because he was looking at someone with blue eyes there. The name Frank came up, which I can't relate to. Michael said there was an east coast feel with this. Then Michael asked me, "Do you like Native American stuff?" I said that was Josh. He said Josh was showing me a Native American behind me and introducing me to him. He was a Guide or acting like a Guide. Josh said that this is the "draw", the "drumming" to his music. Josh was relaying that we are all connected and explaining how sometimes you don't get to connect with someone you have a kindred spirit with...maybe you knew the person in a previous life. Then Michael asked, if everyone thought Josh had a lot to offer and that it was sad he died so soon - that he offered a lot and could have been famous. He said Josh was saying that maybe it will be a spur to others to move on - give them a boost. I spoke of April 22nd being Earth day (to see if the #22 was a connection to that). Josh relayed a yes. Michael said Josh is very much into symbology and signs and talks like that in his music in fact - that it is kind of mystical. My not really knowing Josh and him coming through was a message of "being outside the box." Josh was explaining we are all like little units - units of the whole. Whatever you can do to bring in light and love, wherever you are in the world, helps higher beings, which helps higher beings and so on. It is like a "Transformer." The laws of Karma are making sure everything runs perfectly, right down to little old you. Michael asked me if there is a Lynn or a Lilly. I don't see that relating to me. I truly think that was Josh trying to communicate his mother's name. I didn't think of this until today, after hearing the tape of my reading. Michael said "He is cool. I like this guy." He said he is a "very gentle guy." Towards the very end, Josh told Michael to tell me I like ice-cream. I love ice-cream. I had just had a dream about buying ice-cream, which Michael said this was a validation of a real dream. I wanted to share this experience since I feel as though this is what Josh would want. This was a spiritual awakening for me. Michael said you have to live in the moment - that a spiritual person does this. He said when he talks about this, it isn't coming from him, but the person or people coming through. He stressed meditation and concentration in order to feel this great love and spiritual connection. The medium's wife sketched a guy with "dred locks" she wrote (which I felt was Josh with his curly hair), a cat (which one of mine just passed away - she asked if it was fluffy white, which she was), the car I drive, and a dolphin. I couldn't figure the dolphin connection, but she said it was maybe a connection to earth day (which is also my b-day). This is the only way I knew how to get this across. Thank you. Kim

Date: Sat Jan 29 15:20
Kim (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Josh came through on a reading I had a week ago from today. I really did not know Josh at all, but I had seen him perform several times over a course of many years. I didn't have to know him to understand what a great individual and talent is was and still is. I admired him, greatly and needed a spiritual boost in my life. Who would be a more spiritual person to come through in a reading? I met with a psychic medium who offered me much validation as to this being Josh coming through. He said this was Josh's way of "giving a big thank you" to his love ones and that he is over there and fine - that this is a spiritual thing. I will share was was relayed to me for Josh's family and friends. The medium, Michael, asked if there was a person I was hoping would be there. He asked if it was a "J" name, like Joe, John. He asked this person coming through how old he was. The J name person said he is a bit older than 30, but in his thirties. Then Michael asked if the name is Josh. He asked if he was in a small band and that Josh said it wasn't a well known band. Michael asked me if he was ill because Josh said he was ill. Then he asked, "Was this cancer with Josh?" He said he could feel cancer with him. Then he asked if there was a vigil for him - a lighting of candles where everybody got together. Then Michael asked me if he has dark hair because Josh was saying his hair is dark. He asked me if there was another "J" name in the band. Michael said that I couldn't imagine this and that he couldn't come up with these things if Josh weren't standing there. Michael asked if his hair was short, average length. Then he asked if he was a guitarist. Josh said he plays guitar. Then Michael said "He sings he said." "Rock Music." Michael asked me if he is 33. Josh said he was 33 when he died. Michael said this was my validation to the spirit world - that my family arranged this. Michael asked if Josh does "spiritual songs" because Josh said he does spiritual stuff. Josh told Michael I had a picture of him (which I did have in my purse and did not mention until later). Michael asked if he is good looking and before I could speak he said, "He said he is." Michael said there is a fun nature/element to him, a light heartedness. He said there's also a very serious side. Then he was saying something about a Billy or Bill or Bobby, which I can't relate to my family. Michael asked me if there was an album. He said I have his music. He asked if I lived near the beach or ocean, and if I was listening to his music by the beach. I didn't recall this and I don't live by the beach, so maybe this is linked with Josh or someone he knows. He asked if he is fairly tall and lean. He said he is at least 5'11. He asked me if he has whispies on his chin. The medium thought it such a strange request that I asked Josh to come through. Josh brought up the number 21 or 22. Michael asked if I was ever engaged (no). Michael asked, "Does he have a girlfriend." He said maybe the 21 or 22 is a date and it could relate to her - "Maybe he was engaged." He asked if there was a way to get this message to her. Michael said he knows that Josh would like to say hello to his band. Then he said that there is a brother and a sister to him. The medium asked if he was English because Josh was telling him, "Cheers." He said he pictured the Cheers in Boston (and the show, which he never thinks of) and that there could be a Boston connection. I knew that is where Josh was from so I offered that at that point. This is where Michael said this is a big Thank You from Josh to his loved ones. Josh brought up the 21 and 22 again. Then Michael asked about a "B" name like Buzz or Buddy.

Date: Wed Jan 19 19:13
Marilyn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Dearest Josh, you become more vivid with time. This is something I didn't expect. There are always lovely surprises. Love forever, your Mom.

Date: Wed Jan 19 18:59
Laura Baker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Hi Josh, It's been five years. People came together at your resting place today and it was really magical. You've been an amazing inspiration to many of us. I love you very much. Laura

Date: Wed Jan 19 15:16
Elsa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    HI sweet Josh, Thinking of you always but more today. You are never far from my thoughts or heart. You're still an inspiration. Miss you dearly. Sending all my love to you, your family and love ones. Shine your light on us, as we all need to feel your love. Love - Elsa

Date: Fri Jan 14 11:13
S Pliska (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Heya Josh - been thinking of you a lot lately. I'm getting to see Renee and Leslie here in Portland this weekend, so I'm waxing nostalgic to all my friends and getting them to go. Your circle of friends were always impressive, and I miss hearing that group effort and energy when they'd jump on stage with you. Thank you for sharing the stage so that I could get to know them too. Best always - Sarah

Date: Thu Jan 13 14:25
Jennyfer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Hello everybody, I'm a fan of Josh' music and voice since I heard "3 strange days" the first time in a german radio programme in the beginning of the 90's. Thank you Josh that give us so many good and brilliant songs, which help me sometimes very much, especially "Building Atlantis" from "Spririt touches ground". I can't say why, but this two are among the best songs, I ever heard! Thank you for writing them!

Date: Wed Jan 12 22:18
Paul Becker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Hi Josh, Just thinking about you. Glad to see that INB is back in print - so many folks need to hear it; I'll do my part to spread the word. Paul