Messages October 2005

Date: Sun Oct 30 16:05
Sheri (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    Blessings to all. I am leaving a message hoping that someone may be able to help me. I, unfortunately, tried to purchase the 'Felt Like Making A Live Record' too late. They are all gone. If ANYONE has an extra copy they would be willing to sell, or knows where I may find one could you please email me at the address above? I will keep an eye on ebay, but thought that perhaps someone here may be of some assistance as well. Thank you very much and have a WONDERFUL day!

Date: Sun Oct 23 10:36
Rob (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    I fell in love with the song "Fell" when I was in college and my band was still together. We used to cover that song sometimes. So it was in my head the other day and I decided to record it for myself - at home, on a simple 4-track. Today I got out my old Human Cannonball CD, which I have never given the listen it deserves, and was playing it. Decided to try to find out something about School of Fish on the web. Now, like others, I am digesting the news of Josh's death, years after the fact. I feel a sense of sadness, but also a kind of painful-beautiful realization of a lot of things: the shortness and preciousness of Life, the beauty and realness that music adds to it, the importance and value of our music and our lives - and the relative unimportance of whether our actions, lives, and songs become well known by millions, deply loved by a small circle, or played by and for ourselves in small rooms. I never knew Josh, but his music was, and is, a part of my life and music. I hope and believe he is in a beautiful place. Rob Grapevine, Texas

Date: Fri Oct 7 11:16
Fiona (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
    I was just listening to my 'school of fish' cd and thought 'hmmm I'll go and check out what Josh is up to these days' obviously I'm feeling really shocked right now. I first discoverd SOF in 91/92. They supported Crowded House in Cambridge (U.K) (the night of my 21st bday) and I fell in love with them. I found out they were playing some gigs at clubs in London (U.K) and I went to them all. I got to meet them all at each one and I still have my autographed cd and my vinyl singles etc. I was so into this band. I played their cd constantly. I took my friends to one of the gigs and they met the band too. My friend Bet tripped Josh up as a joke and he smiled at us and we (being typical girls) thought he was gorgeous. I travelled around America in the June of 92 and I was so excited when I found a SOF demo cd in a shop in Santa Monica. I never got to see them again after that (how I wish the net was around back then). I bought their 2nd cd and only found out they'd split up when I recognised Michael Ward in a Wallflowers vid on mtv a while later. I still have snippets of SOF vids that I taped off MTV. I was so excited. I got sick that same yr (92) and was ill for a lot of my 20's. Following SOF round London is one of my happiest memories from before getting ill. I'm really really saddened by this news. Hope you're in a good place Josh. Fiona xx