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2017 Messages

Chris Hancock
Tuesday 13 June, 2017

I can't recall exactly meeting Josh, but it was probably back in Boston--in the 90's. I think we talked after a show or at a party. And we must have exchanged numbers because I came across an old address book (remember those?) that had his name and "ex-School of Fish" next to it. So I just Googled Josh, only to realize he passed 17 yrs ago. I had no idea. And I'm in a mild shock as I write this. I just wanted to say that I remember his sweetness. His kindness. At a time where I was terribly insecure, probably clinically depressed, and ran in a circle that was a little too jaded for its own good (certainly mine), his demeanor cut through and touched me in a meaningful way. Rest in Peace JCF, and peace be to your family.

Laura Clayton Baker
Friday 19 May, 2017

Happy Birthday's been kind of wonderful and also melancholy listening to lots of old DATs that I transferred looking for songs I haven't heard, or versions that I haven't heard, to share with people who love you, and people who love listening to you. I've had your music running through my head a lot and that's been lovely. Listening to the songs with Chad so he could get the sound the way you'd like it was moving. It was really satisfying to share it today.

I love you...Laura

Liz Goodwin
Thursday 18 May, 2017

Hello. I am a freelance music journalist who greatly enjoyed the music of Josh Clayton Felt. Though I never had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Felt, I was, however, fortunate to have corresponded once via email with his dear late mother Marilyn Felt. I had shared a review with her that I had written about his cd "Inarticulate Nature Boy."

At the time, I was on a hiatus from writing for publication. However, I sent the review to Mrs. Felt. It was really sweet and kind that she said that it was "something that I want to keep just for myself." I was very saddened to learn that Mrs. Felt also had passed away some years after dear Josh. I can tell by the plethora of msgs from those who loved Josh Clayton Felt's artistry and humanity that he was indeed a special person—as was his loving mother.

I remembered that today would have been JCF's 50th birthday. The music world lost a tremendously gifted and versatile artist in 2000, as we all know. However, it is heartening to that we still have his music, and for those who knew him well, his memories, to cherish and hold dear for the rest of our lives. I know that Mrs. Felt was an extremely intelligent and accomplished woman as well and will be missed greatly.

Thank you for this welcoming forum. My prayers are steadfast for the Felt (Clayton Felt if I have written that incorrectly, please excuse) family. I thank Mrs. Felt for her kind and gentle nature that spoke volumes just within that email. God bless you all!

Shay G.
Thursday 18 May, 2017

Happy Birthday JCF!  Thanks for the two new tunes.  Can't wait to listen!

Shay G.