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2020 Messages

Saturday August 1st, 2020
I've grown up listening to School of Fish since my dad always had it playing. I discovered Josh's solo stuff about a year or two ago, and it has made me grow so closer to him. I love the music he has made, it has helped me incredibly. I wish I knew him, but I'm glad this site exists to support his legacy after all these years. Thank you. Calen
Brenda Frost
Saturday June 29th, 2020
I knew Josh in High School, and though we were not close, we traveled in the same circle of friends ~ I was so very sad to recently learn of his passing ~ He was such a beautiful spirit and had so much wisdom and comfort to offer the world ~ Today is my birthday and I have given myself the gift of re-watching some of his music videos & interviews, & listening to the message in his music to honor his memory & celebrate life ~ When I hear his voice, my heart hurts, but still I smile when I reflect on the young man I knew and the blessing of his life ~ What an incredible legacy to continue to be touching the hearts of so many and remaining ever-present in our consciousness through his profoundly moving music ~ Thank you for providing this platform to express my sympathy and gratitude ~
Eric Reed
Saturday May 22nd, 2020
It's been so many years since I posted here, but Chad's video for Three Strange Days got me feeling very nostalgic. It's amazing how, twenty years later since he left this world, so many people who were a part of his life then are still keeping his spirit alive. That spirit has played a large part in shaping my attitude toward life and I am forever grateful to have met and heard him.

Monday May 18th, 2020

Happy birthday Josh. Thinking of you today as I listen to some JCF tunes up in the Sierras of Northern California. Miss you all the time my man.
Shay G.

Laura Clayton Baker
Monday May 18th, 2020

How wonderful to come to Josh's site this morning and see it all cleaned and cared for and updated...kind of like a home that's been restored in a loving and authentic way. Thank you Dene for the beautiful work.
I think of you often Josh, as I have more time to sit outside and listen to birds as I stay home and isolate. You'd be good at the isolating part, walking and hiking and writing songs. And you'd try to think of how to help people who are dealing with the worst of this. I love you and wish we could take long walks together...masks on and 6' apart!

Dene Wilby
Monday May 18th, 2020

Hey Josh,

Hope you like the new site. Sorry it took so long but hey, I needed to make it nice 'n spicy.

Dene x