on Friday, 08 February 2013.

Lightsong, a seven episode audio play is Marilyn Felt's expression of love, admiration, grief, and hope in response to the death from cancer of her hugely talented musician son Josh Clayton-Felt. Over forty of Josh's songs are featured, threaded throughout the play.

Lightsong is a true story as far as earthly events are concerned--  not always word-for-word or person-for-person--  but the events all happened in the journey of a young musician.  The spirit world that is brought in is fantasy, and it was inspired partly by a story that Bob Rosenthal, father of Josh's best friend Jeff, wrote on Josh's web site in the early days after his passing.

Lightsong had been completed and partially workshopped when Marilyn died, also of cancer, in April 2006. After her death Lightsong was professionally produced under AFTRA contract, directed by Wren Ross. It is now available on iTunes and on its own web site

To listen to or to download the audio play,  to find out more about Lightsong, and to listen to the five of Josh's unreleased songs sampled in Lightsong visit

To find out more about Marilyn's plays and about her much larger career as an educational innovator, visit her Web site

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  • Casey Ruth

    Casey Ruth

    07 August 2014 at 20:26 |
    I just found all of these awesome songs. Josh was SO ahead of his time. He was a gift to the world for such a short time. I have bought 5 songs already and will buy more.

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