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2023 Messages

Tuesday September 26th, 2023

I felt compelled to write a message. First time I heard Josh’s music was yesterday. Something happened to me. It moved me in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. I was excited to discover more of this new (to me) amazing band, so of course I looked them up. When I read that Josh passed away so young and so long ago I just felt such a pain as if I knew him. My heart broke, Couldn’t stop crying, went to sleep crying listening to his beautiful voice. Even while writing this tears roll down my face. I don’t know something about josh captivated me and made me feel something inside I haven’t felt in a long time while listening to music. I hope he can feel all the love we have for him down here even people like me, that just now in 2023 are just discovering his soul Thank you

Doug Goodwin
Wednesday August 30th, 2023

I've been a fan since the early 90's when 3 Strange Days became a hit. I still have my ticket stub in a box somewhere from when I saw them play live the 2nd time at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis right after the release of Human Cannonball. The music still lives on my playlists and I'm frequently hearing the tunes as I drive down the road or walking my dog. What a tremendous talent coming from these young men and I can't help to think how much more music Josh had to give before he was taken away too young.

Monday August 28th, 2023

I first heard School of Fish in Point Break. Soon 3 Strange Days was my favorite song. When I found Inarticulate Nature boy I had to hear more. This was the late 90's and I didn't hear much music news. Always remember finding out about Josh in a Tower Records in Mountain View. The guy at the counter had found out and told me. Still listen to School of Fish and his solo stuff all the time.

Saturday June 10th, 2023

I first found out about school of fish around the year 2004, they played the video for "3 strange days" on a vh1 classic program called "the alternative". Since then, I have always loved that song. More recently, I found a copy of "human cannonball" at a local used CD store and I have listened to it over and over.

I have found myself scavenging the internet to find out about the fascinating Josh Clayton on and off since 2004, but more so recently. It was really cool stumbling upon all of the videos from this site - Definitely a talent gone too soon. RIP

Retired Surfer
Monday June 5th, 2023

School of Fish, the album, was one of the CD's that would get constant play on a boombox off the tailgate of 77' F250 long bed that I traveled up and down the east coast of the US on weekends to chase good surf and the occasional tropical storm. Surfing all day, hanging out with my girlfriend, and hitting local shops with her and having as nice a dinner as we could afford in those days.

A friend had both album covers on their dorm door at college. Still talk to the former girlfriend, she brings up the surfing vagabond weekends, and I still listen to School of Fish, early Radiohead, and similar bands of the era. My kid is starting to like music and enjoys bands like SoF. He even grabs my old guitar and pretends to play it.

I sometimes play a riff for him, including the intro for 3 Strange Days. It was sobering to read how Josh was gone so early. Such a unique sound, his voice was wonderful. This new work from the band members is stellar and a great tribute to themselves and a band-mate and friend.

Well done SoF, still cool, and very heartening performance by all of you. Thank you for throwing in the sitar player, he's what I always expected to see if I had caught SoF at a concert.

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