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Unreleased CD Update, New CD Info

22 September 1999

The Unreleased Cd, now called Beautiful Nowhere", will be ready for shipping to you within two weeks-ish!!!

Availible here or at gigs. Also The TOO long Awaited CD, "At The Center Of Six" (and it's title may still change), is down to a few weeks before mixing. I got tired of waiting for it to be freed from the hands of the old Record Co. and decided to re-record it so that I'd have the masters right here. In the meantime a subsidiary of my old label has asked to release it again. We'll see how that goes, but happily, the CD is comming out far better than the first version, so I'll just say that it was all meant to be.!! When that CD is done, anyone who would like to help promote it should let me know, (you will recieve a kit and a very groovy gift). Or if you'd like to order a copy will be able to. I will be doing a nation wide mailing soon so make sure that I have both your Email as well as your regular address. I will be looking into touring behind it's release as well, and of course, I'll let you know. Ride on....


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