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18 May 2020

So we've had a refresh!

Hope you all continue to enjoy this website that was started with Josh back in the mid-90's. The blue stars background will always remain, Josh loved it :-)

We have a new photo gallery and also a section where you can enjoy a bunch of videos from Josh's solo work and from his time with School Of Fish.


An integral part of this website over the years has been the 'Your Messages' section. It has brought great comfort to Josh's family and friends to know that people were out there, sharing their thoughts and memories about Josh.

We won't bore you with too many details but the last website became swamped with spam, over 200 messages per day, and despite our best efforts, we just couldn't stop it.

We are now on a new system, a new server, and hopefully we can stop all that and get back to what that section is all about, Josh Clayton-Felt.

Please continue to enjoy using that part of the website, we all absolutely love to read these messages and apologies if any of your past messages were lost in all the mayhem. To start, the messages will be moderated but we endeavour to publish each and every one during the day.

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