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Lesson Of The Rainbow

When you see a rainbow you behold its beauty because you are standing where you are standing.  If you move it may change or disappear. If you try to go to it--  to find it--  it will not be there, it will seem to not even exist.  You can not examine it, you can not touch it, it is real yet it is completely intangible.

That is a bit like a "peak moment" (epiphany) in which suddenly without intention you transcend your normal vision + reality + barriers--  and find something--  a glimpse of something higher and more beautiful than you knew existed.  It touches you for an instant and as you become aware of its presence your mind sends you out to find its origin--  and in that moment it is gone--  it seems to have left you.  And the mind and consciousness is a much bigger and more complex labyrinth than the place from which you viewed the rainbow, so it is much harder to go back.

However that experience can give birth to a sensitivity and appreciation of the rainbow--  to realize it is beyond captivity and you can sit still and enjoy the rainbow without possession of it if you like while it is there to be enjoyed.

I also believe that experience is a seed--  planted in your unconsciousness and each time you honor and appreciate it, in that very quiet awareness is the nurturing water that allows it to grow into something that can be seen and felt easily and frequently, until you can not help but be aware of its existence and soon can not imagine living without it.

Wait there's more---  Anyone who is standing in that spot at that time can see the rainbow.  It is not only granted to those of advantage or of wisdom or of religion--  it is there for anyone who is aware enough to notice it.

Written by Josh in one of his notebooks, June 24, 1995

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